Our products : certified, declared and analysed

We are a small company, but the control and quality of our products is at the heart of our process.

Our products are certified by independent organisations, declared to the authorities in France and regularly analysed after the production of each batch.

  • We are controlled by organic certification Bureau Veritas 
  • Our products are certified vegan by V-Label .
  • We buy everything ourselves for our products: organic active ingredients, natural and organic flavors, plastic-free packaging and labels. This way we can keep full control of the whole production chain.
  • We carry out regular analyzes on our finished products. For example, a microbiological analysis is carried out on each batch of tablets before they are marketed.
  • The vitamin or mineral content of our organic natural extracts is measured in each batch.
    The effectiveness of our natural active forms has been scientifically proven by several studies.
    To learn more: visit our blog posts.
  • We over-formulated our product with active ingredients and preferred to give a shelf life of 24 months rather than 36 months.

All data is available to the authorities in case of an inspection.

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