So who are the Bio Frères?

Legend has it that a discussion between three brothers led to a furious desire to shake up the world of food supplements and create a sustainable and ethical family brand serving the vital needs of vegetarians and vegans.

We create plant-based vitamin and mineral vegan food supplements that are 100% natural and organic.


Dr. alexis

The Great Recipe Wizard

Research biologist for the past 10 years, Dr Alexis is a true guardian of the temple.

He checks over the certifications, conformity and effectiveness of the products with a fine-tooth-comb.

He monitors the latest scientific research and writes the in-depth articles on our blog.



Marketing Guru

Creative director, web marketing specialist and freelance photographer for 14 years.

He is in charge of brand image and developing the website.

He handles the social networks and blog-writing of articles on vegetarianism and veganism with a passion second-to-none.



Production Diviner

Maurice has worked in the food supplement industry for 12 years as a development manager, production manager and sales manager.

His vast experience in the industry makes him an ideal head of production.

He selects our partners, suppliers and distributors and he designs the products with the utmost care and manages the entire production process.

Offbeat marketing...
but a very serious production

Being a small company with fun and quirky communication doesn't take us away from our main goal: to create and provide effective products to our community.

The control and mastery of the quality of our products is at the heart of our process. To find out more about our processes and our certifications, click here:

Crossed PointS of View

Working as a family means a lot of fun and good times.
Here's a little table that sums up the alchemy of the Bio Frères team.

As Seen by
As Seen by
AS Seen by

The 3-way Chinese Portrait

We are all interconnected as brothers but still very different.
The proof is in this little exercise in the form of a Chinese portrait.

My main character trait?

Maurice : Competitive
Jérémie : Enthusiastic
Alexis : Excellence

Favourite quality in a man?

Maurice : Team spirit
Jérémie : Kindness
Alexis : Compassion

Favourite quality in a woman?

Maurice : Responsibility
Jérémie : Determination
Alexis : Intelligence

What do I like most about my friends?

Maurice : Sharing experiences
Jérémie : The aperitif ?
Alexis : Sharing

My main weakness?

Maurice : Ambitious
Jérémie : Enthusiasm
Alexis : Demanding

My favourite occupation?

Maurice : Horses
Jérémie : Taking photos
Alexis : Science

My dream?

Maurice : Discover the world
Jérémie : Leave a clean planet for my children
Alexis : Be here when they come to meet us (E.T.)

What would be my greatest misfortune?

Maurice : Being unfortunate in love
Jérémie : The unhappiness of my children
Alexis : The disappearance of my brothers

What would I like to be?

Maurice : A plant
Jérémie : More committed
Alexis : Just as I am

Which country would I like to live in?

Maurice : National Parks
Jérémie : New Zealand
Alexis : USA

My favourite colour?

Maurice : Green
Jérémie : Pink
Alexis : Blue

My favourite flower?

Maurice : Orchid
Jérémie : Rose
Alexis : Monocarpic ones

My favourite fictional hero?

Maurice : Fox Mulder
Jérémie : The Dude (The Big Lebowski)
Alexis : Spiderman

My favourite fictional heroine?

Maurice : Lagertha
Jérémie : Arwen
Alexis : Ghost in the shell

My favourite composer?

Maurice : Indochine, Coldplay
Jérémie : Daft Punk, do they count?
Alexis : No preference

My favourite painters?

Maurice : Dali, Christy, MP
Jérémie : Gustave Caillebotte, Salvador Dalí, Edward Hopper
Alexis : Definitely my mother

My heroines in history?

Maurice : Edith Piaf, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa
Jérémie : Louise Michel, Mata Hari, Malala Yousafzai
Alexis : Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Henrietta Lacks

My favourite names?

Maurice : Gabriel, Garance and Gaëtan
Jérémie : Shayna, Angus and Callie. Joe too, I always wanted to change my name to Joe.
Alexis : Frenchy

What do I hate more than anything?

Maurice : Burying one's head in the sand
Jérémie : Arrogance
Alexis : Disregard for others

Historical characters I hate the most?

Maurice : Dictators
Jérémie : Christopher Colombus
Alexis :  I wasn't there but there are too many of them and there is one obvious one

Military event I admire the most?

Maurice : The Resistance
Jérémie : Ouch, easy, none...
Alexis : The Trojan Horse

A power from Nature that I would like to have?

Maurice : Biodiversity
Jérémie : To be able to regenerate
Alexis : Omniscience

How would I like to die?

Maurice : What kind of question is this?
Jérémie : Quickly
Alexis : The later the better because I still have a lot to do

Present state of mind?

Maurice : Is it really useful to complete this Chinese portrait?
Jérémie : Amused
Alexis : Tormented

Faults that I can forgive?

Maurice : My own
Jérémie : Ignorance
Alexis : Ignorance